38412 Hawk Frontier 10x42

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These Hawke 10x42 Frontier ED X Green Binoculars give superb results because of the use of extra-low dispersion glass which are multi-coated for optimum clarity and colour rendition. The optics have been designed to reduce chromatic aberrations and stray light which combine together to give poor image quality in lesser lenses. The 42mm objective lens allows plenty of light onto the prisms which have dielectric coatings which increase the reflectivity of light, making the end image much brighter to the eye. 

The 10x42 X Frontier Binoculars have been ergonomically designed with the focus knob being in the perfect position for easy use even when wearing gloves and as it only takes 1.5 turns of the focusing wheel, the Frontier binoculars easily focus between it's closest point of 6.6ft/2m to infinity. The 10 times magnification means that nothing need be missed and due to the 42mm objective lenses, there is no problem with reduced light input.

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