41001 Hawk compact 600 RF

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The best value in rangefinder devices has arrived with the Hawke Sport Optics Compact Laser Range Finder. These Range Finders created by Hawke Sport Optics are significantly smaller than other models for easy carry and storage while still boasting tons of incredible features including the Standard, Rain, and Hunt settings. Standard mode is exactly how it sounds, you get the straight line distance to the target of your choice. Rain mode is exactly like Standard mode except the device will ignore any interference from falling raindrops as long as your target is at least 33 yards away. The Hunt mode puts the rangefinder in distant target priority mode that will ignore the small interferences like brush and branches and only target objects in the distance. Being able to switch between distance priority modes means you can use this rangefinder for hunting purposes our out on the golf course. The Hawke Sport Optics Laser Range Finder Hunter presents 6x magnification to produce the clearest images even from longer distances. For a pocket sized observation tool that will prove incredibly useful in the field or on the course, grab the Hawke Sport Optics Waterproof LRF.

Hawke Hunter LFR 600 Golf Rangefinder

  • Fully multi-coated optical system - BK-7 prisms
  • 6x magnification and an adjustable diopter
  • Ergonomically designed to fit in your hand
  • Lightweight and compact construction
  • Standard/Rain/Hunt mode - accurate to +/- 1m
  • Auto shut off battery save feature
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