MCG-13332 M-8000i

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Moultrie M8000i 20MP IR Flash Trail Camera #MCG-13332

The M8000i is a compact camera loaded with high-end features: 20 MP images, 0.3 second trigger speed, 80 FT detection and flash range, invisible flash, HD video recording, and much more! The M8000i features Moultrie’s ILLUMNI-NIGHT 2 sensor for the brightest and clearest nighttime images. The camera operates on 8 AA batteries for 19,000 pictures. The M8000i is fully compatible with Moultrie Mobile’s MV2 and MA2 cellular field modems.


  • 20 MP images
  • Invisible flash
  • 80’ detection and flash range
  • 0.3 second trigger speed
  • Record Full HD video
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